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In August 2014 FELHS staged a major Exhibition to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War. The Exhibition, called 'Our Villages in the Great War', aimed to show how life at home was affected by the war, and the part played in the war effort by the local communities of Crockenhill, Eynsford, Farningham along with Lullingstone and Maplescombe.

The Exhibition was mounted in each of the villages on consecutive Saturdays, and was attended by at least 700 people. The display sheets summarised the research undertaken for the Exhibition by Dr Susan Pittman, and a publication as a follow-up was considered. However, such a project would have been time-consuming, and the cost of reproducing the various photographs prohibitive. It was therefore decided to put the display sheets onto the website, so that they could be consulted at leisure. What is lacking is, of course, the various artefacts, most from the FELHS collection, which were arranged alongside the display boards. However, photographs of the table-top displays have been added to give a general idea of these.

Panels 1-4

1. War Declared

The diary of Elsie Clements (Crockenhill)

Instructions received by schools

Crockenhill and Eynford Scout troops

2. Men Leave For The Front

1911 Population census

Number who served

Impact of call-up

5th Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment service

3. Lists Of Servicemen

Crockenhill, Eynsford, Farningham and Lullingstone

4. Military Exemption

Appeals to Recruiting Tribunal

Appeals to Dartford Rural District Tribunal

Local appeals from employers

Henry Cox of Anchor & Hope, Crockenhill

Inquest of George Lawrence of Eynsford

List of local men who appealed

Panel 5

5. Belgian Refugees

6. Parish Councils

Panels 7-10

7. Dead Man's Penny and scroll

8. Two men's war, Crockenhill

Frank Roberts

Serg. Herbert Randall DCM

9. Tragic death, Henry Jarrett, Crockenhill

10. Eynsford - Alfred Gates

Alfred Gates.

Panel 11

11. Three Farningham brothers, Spier, go to war

Panels 12-14

12. German air raids on Great Britain

Crockenhill on line of London defences

Anti-aircraft gun and searchlight, Crockenhill

Elsie Clements' diary - Zepps and German planes

Zeppelin L32 bombing of Crockenhill

13. Farningham Airfield

Pilots - Alfred de Bathe Brandon

William Leefe Robinson VC

Walter G. Wilson's flight

Farningham and air raids

14. Eynsford Air Raids

Panels 15-16,18

15. Troops In Transit

16. Special Constables

Arthur Mee

Panel 17

17. Eynsford Fire Brigade

18. Eynsford Paper Mill

19. Eynsford Gun Range

Panel 20

20. Walter Gordon Wilson - tank pioneer

W.G. Wilson in Farningham

21. Munitions at Lullingstone

Panels 22-23

22. Charitable Activities

Befriending wounded servicemen

Sundry money raising activities

23. Eynsford/Farningham Hospital Supply Depots

24. Daylight saving - William Willett

Panels 25-28

25. Farming

1914 Crockenhill farm workers strike

Agricultural wages

Crockenhill - Gosenhill, Tilecroft (Clements)

Horses to tractors



Maplescombe vegetable shredding factory

26. Home Farm, Eynsford (Alexander)

Diary of Stephen Friend

27. Bower & Park Farms, Eynsford

Disabled servicemen training centre

28. Thomas Wood & Sons, Crockenhill

Panels 29-31

29. Employment Of Women

Visiting fruit and hop pickers

30. Employment of children on farms

List of children given agricultural licences

Labour from children's homes

31. Village Schools

Managers' minutes

Staff shortages

Panels 32-36

32. Eynsford schools - Council and Church

Mr Hillier's absence during the war

33. Farningham Schools - Council and Church

34. Crockenhill Schools - Council and Church

35. Sundry War Efforts By Schools

36. Horse Chestnuts For Explosives

37. Empire Day

At Farningham Hill 1911

In schools

Panels 38-39

38. Shortages & Rationing

Sugar, meat, butter, margarine and cheese, flour


Fuel shortages

Hardship among children




39. Communal jam making, Crockenhill

40. Edith Cavell

Panels 41-45

41. Flu Pandemic

In local community

Effect on schools

42. Armistice Day

43. Crockenhill Peace Celebrations

44. Eynsford Peace Celbrations

45. Farningham Peace Celebrations

Panels 46,50

46. Crockenhill War Memorials

In church

At Cricket Meadow

Panels 47-49

47. Eynsford War Memorials

At Bower Lane

In church

Lych gate and Elliott Downs Till

In Baptist church

48. Farningham War Memorials

In churchyard and church

Farningham War Association and Croft House

49. Lullingstone War Memorial

50. The Farningham Tank War Trophy

The Cenotaph painting

51. Henry Stockley

52. Eynsford's Embroidered Tablecloth