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The first impression of unboxing today is the replica Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition from 2018. It's really interesting. I want to see a fake Monaco in person. I've stayed with him for at least a few days. It's been a while now. It has some interesting history. This is again a co-branded version with a golf icon. It's on the date and The six o'clock position between the hand stacks is the date above the date. It's also interesting to dial out the color configuration in blue and orange to pay tribute to the Porsche 917 Steve McQueen driving the Le Mans Film Festival, so my Meaning, if you are a fan of Steve McQueen, or if you are "you are a motorsport historian or lover" re-enjoy this knock off watch, so I mean to replica watch something very interesting, But or logically speaking, I mean there is a debate about which is the first automatic chronograph released to the public. Some people say that this is a Seiko fake watch, and some people say that this is a Zenith replica watch. Prime Minister, some people say this is receiver 11. In fact, I don't know which one came out around 1969, and who said who was the first or the best.

Everyone has their own opinions, but I am very happy to see the main square posture of the knock off watch with my own eyes, especially on the wrist, with a diameter of 39 mm, but you know that it is square and it has a greater effect. I will also It's placed next to my other pairs of fake watches. Seahorse. My King Air. My submarine. My Sumo. I actually wear a blue coral sumo today. Well, you can see that it's better than other replica watches and men in the presence department. The stacking in is very good, I just like some of the details, such as this crystal, look at this proud square crystal, it has a barrel. If you can see the curved form from east to west, that's great , Paired with the horizontal application mark on the dial, they arranged the organized nature from the date window to the golf co-branding to the hand stack. I mean, there are a lot of things to do, not to mention the modules set here. 

So we have your timer button on the right side and hoyer logo on your main crown. The left side is nine o'clock, so I mean there are a lot of things here, I like it, I You can really turn the replica watch over, look at the case, and then I will briefly talk about the movement. This is Caliber 11. It is actually based on salida sw 300 and they added the dubois 2006 module to the chronograph module, so you can see the very tasteful micro-contour processing Geneva stripes, I can't see the blue Screws, they look like black polished. When we do a full evaluation, we will see some macro videos, but it's nice to see this chronograph through the exhibition window, let me show you how it works, This is an interesting thing, these large oval rectangular hybrids slope near the top and bottom of the square case, but the action there is good. You have a lot of space in your fingers to start, stop and reset easily, so we run here for a few seconds, and then after a few minutes, you can time up to 30 minutes, no hour counter or the like , This is actually just for the timing summary. 

Now, the brief event allows me to provide you with some wrist shots and natural light. At the same time, we summarized the first impression video. I talked about the existence of the wrist and also talked about the crystal on the dial. Work in detail. A lot of things happened here and I found it very unique. I have a from the 70s. I know it came out in 1969, but in fact it was widely known in the 1970s. I love Captain Willard 6105 of Seiko. I love Royal Oak. The 5711 designed by Genta is also a fashion in the 1970s. I mean there are indeed some good things from that era, and there are many stupid things in that era, so I classify best replica watches as one of the great things, so "It's cool to get your hand. Check the belt here again. We have orange and blue airy here. We have a beautiful polished buckle. You can see the Heuer logo with a very dominant logo. I'm really happy. Seeing that this is a push button release, you will again know a lot of interesting details. It is fun to take a moment to come, so I want to thank for lending me such an excellent watch.

Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Chronograph Gulf Special Edition CAW211R.FC640

Tag Heuer Monaco fake Calibre 11 Chronograph Gulf Special Edition CAW211R.FC640 is a 2017 limited series for the US market, although it is not a limited edition replica TAG Heuer Monaco 11-caliber Golf Edition is once again built for the US market, and only used in 2017. The production is subject to market restrictions and time span Therefore, a 39mm stainless steel case is provided, 47mm thick from lugs to lugs, 14.5mm. The distance between the lugs and the clock is 3mm and 22mm. This is a handsome and evocative tribute to the original fake Monaco super clone watch in 1969, but I often see the Gulf racing uniform on the track and throw it at me. Compared with the previous 38mm replica Monaco AAA watches on the wrist of 16 cm circumference, this replica watch is really big, although the ergonomics of 39 mm paper watches and 39 mm round fake watches have little in common, I suggest you consider Make it more like a 42 fake watch on the wrist, because it does have such a position, that is, the thickness and the essence of a large replica watch. Let us quickly understand the hardware and software. Let us get closer to the strap, you can see that it is the blue-gray is almost slate-colored leather with contrasting orange stitches. I'm not sure if you can see it, but there is some contrasting orange inside the strap. 

It is reinforced to give it some thickness. You can see that A transparent edge showing the structural layer, and then there is actually a rubber inlay on the bottom side, so there is rubber on the bottom side to help isolate the leather from moisture, sweat and sand from the wrist and you will see The perforation is straight through, so they can really vent the wrist. You also know that the pin buckle has no perforation, because it uses a centerless buckle buckle system, which can insert the excess length into the buckle, and then enter under the body of the classmate So when it is closed, you don't need to pay attention or make a circle. All the extra length is tucked under the strap. This is very good because it not only looks clean, but also prevents dust accumulation on the strap, which often limits the strap's Lifetime, this knock off watch needs to pay attention to several things. The label is not the face value of hoyer replica monaco, but the Tag Heuer Monaco replica where you can see the strap, the buckle itself, the case and the back cover (including the dial) on the dial of the crown.

This is fake Tag Heuer Monaco, which realizes that there may be more currency in circulation. The original family name is more complicated than the label and hook combination around 1986, so this is a fake watch with a double trigger release at the same time, so it cannot pop up suddenly, you must press two triggers to open the replica watch The band, strong and subtle because it has a hard geometric shape, vertical lines and diagonal lines. You can see that the horizontal lines have a vertical satin finish on the load curve, but the middle shell has a longitudinal satin finish, so polished on the bezel, and You will notice that the earmuffs are not actually separated from the case. Now in the case on the ship, you can see that the bezel adjacent to the crystal is beveled, while the lugs and strap are all beveled. And you can see that the sapphires and sapphires here are boxed and thickly created the appearance of original plexiglass. When we walk around, you will see the crown of the fake TAG Heuer brand again, with a little on its underside The wasted grooves of the wasp, polished to trim the visual quality of the replica watch, you can also see the alternating polished, satin and beveled engraved triggers of the chronograph. 

The watch replica is of course based on the salida sw 300 base, but has been modified to produce The crown of the left crown was the original chronograph movement developed in 1969 with Breitling hamilton and Buren. The dial of course has many elements of the original replica Monaco, including the form of the index table, the rounded square registers and the horizontal layout of the index table itself. You will find that it is better from this point of view that it is the bay painting that makes this version unique. . Now the bay painting is probably best known for sports on various Porsches including the 917. Prior to this, Le Mans won the Ford gt40, but recently I like Aston Martin very much. In the early 2000s, Arena racer Stephanie Johansen (Stephanie Johansen) drove the Audi R8 in the Gulf uniform. This is of course the modern heritage of the Gulf Racing uniform. Of course, it is related to Gulf Oil, which is a natural extension of oil. Now, the motorsport brand super clone watches include a completely concealed dial, we will see it later, the movement as I said is based on the salida sw 300 and the vertical clutch chronograph module depressed by dubois, it has two-way automatic The fast-winding device is a hacking second of the date. Its 42-hour power reserve beats at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. If you look at it, you will find that this is the top product of sw 300, the second second from the top It is an astronomical clock. The movement combined with the module has the characteristics of 59 joules, the spokes are balanced, and it has a high degree of hairspring. It is shared with the astronomical imitation watch class of the movement, and all waterproof performance is as low as 100 meters Evocative knock off watches, rare replica Monaco watches and all-round sports fake watches that can swim on different straps, these are the timepieces of the email team for summer 2020, which are also purchased and priced on.


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