Replica Tag Heuer Monaco vs Omega Speedmaster Professional

So let's compare and contrast these two chronographs. I know that their prices are not exactly the same. They are very similar to these replica watches. I think they are well compared for several reasons. Iconic, I know that this word has been circulated a lot in the watch replica enthusiast community, maybe it has been overused, but if you look at these two designs, the historical significance behind them is great, you know I appreciate them very much. I like the part of imitation watch fans very much and I know I am not alone, so their prices are similar. They have a long history and are retro style replica watches, but they are completely different, so let's make a positive comparison. I will focus less on the specifications, the nominal differences of these types of things, and will focus more on emotions, because you know that I think this is a very emotional hobby, we associate with fake watches, or we don't. , And I know less about logic, but about how we connect these parts, so I will briefly talk about the advantages of each part and the weaknesses of how they are connected to each other.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional

Let's start with Speedmaster, which can be said to be more iconic-as we all know, it is more popular, uh, I just own a Speedmaster, so I might prefer this Omega product, but it has a cute design, which I love History. I have loved space since I was a child. I have loved space history since I was a child. I have remembered the names of all astronauts from Mercury missions, Gemini missions, Apollo missions and even some of the process of entering the space program. Although it is a bit difficult, But the longer I go, but I love history. I like the fact that NASA chose this Omega chronograph as its astronauts on the way to the surface of the moon when they return home from the moon. The fact that it is used as a tool in low earth orbit. The astronaut of Jack Swagat (Ablo 13) who reached the earth used his Omega speedometer to burn down critical moments so that the spacecraft could return to the correct orbit, thereby returning to Earth safely So I love the history of speeding masters, which is very important. I think this is a timeless conservative design.

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco

Monaco is a few decades old. The best Monaco replica watches really looks like a product from the late 60s and early 70s. I like or hate I like or hate it, but Speedmaster is definitely versatile and more conservative in more scenarios. And in the environment, I think Omega has done a great job of capturing the size and proportions in history, but you know to bring it into the modern era, so the version I have is a professional classic sapphire sandwich, so it has a sapphire box crystal , Through the sapphire display window you can see the more decorated 1863 movement, you can super clone watch it on the back of the fake watch, so it is related to the speedometer used by NASA astronauts in the 1960s and 1970s. Watches are closely related, but they are more modern replica watches. Depending on when you watch fake this video, the latest generation of Speedmasters may already be equipped with an updated 3861 movement that is more impressive than 1863. It is the traditional beauty of the movement. When you can't see the rotor, you can check the components of the movement and when it was re-finished like this. Here you can see the black polished rhodium-plated rhodium, the balance of the brass The tone, the contrast of the gold inlay of the text and the artificial ruby, this is a very classic and beautiful movement. I like to look at the popular appeal of the speed master, and there is a lot to say.

There are thousands of car owners around the world, and when you buy one, you are like part of a club and you can expect you to post pictures on it. It comes with the theme tag speedytuesday on Tuesday, I don't like it very much, I think it's a bit silly, but I know thousands of people really like it, they like to play with the strap on this multi-function strap, so the replica TAG Heuer may be a bit outdated, because you know that the aluminum tachometer circle cannot be hacked. The three-hertz beating frequency is not particularly accurate. Although the timing function is operated by the cam lever, it still has such charm and appeal to the public. I compare it with the "Warrior Monaco" label. A modern version, so its oxygen generator manufacturer movement is much better than the specifications of Omega's 1863 Ramonia-based chronograph. Tag Heuer will have an 80-hour power reserve of 33 joules and a beat frequency of 4 Hz. Yes, it is easy to crack. The function of the sa column wheel chronograph is more satisfactory, and it is easier to operate through these powerful buttons. 

And I think this is the better movement between the two, but at the same time it is a one-way winding rotor, so the rotor can really drive to town when spinning inside the case, you will feel it on your wrist Feel and hear its sound when it happens, so this is a very tactile experience and reminds you of your love or dislike for mechanical movements, especially now that this watch replica has a very weird design, it is very Proud, in your face you will find replica Monaco more speedometers than you will notice, although technically it has a wider size, but even technically it is more conservative, it is still a bit smaller, so I I really like fake Monaco and I like this box-shaped sapphire crystal that is proud of its case. I like the slightly curved or curved barrel shape of this crystal, so you can get some excellent twisting effects from the tilt angle, And get an excellent lighting effect, and the effect is very charming. If you are one of those imitation watch collectors who don't like to follow the crowd, then you don't like those collectors who hate fake watches now, so hate the proud sapphire crystal case in the speed dial That kind of hazy smoky ring, you hate the iconic replica watches that everyone seems to have. Collecting I think you will be more attractive. For Monaco replica with a long history, this can be said to be the first automatic chronograph entry in 1969 In the market, according to the source you read, it is the first or some people think that Seiko 6139 beat it in the Japanese market. 

The domestic market, and then of course zenith el premiero made its debut at the same Baselworld, so there is some controversy, but most people think that Monaco replica is the first, and the first is influential, I want you to know you You have opinions about historical events and will not be forgotten, so you know if you like some off-travel places, but they are a little weird, and they will certainly not be as popular as Speedmaster. I think you will like fake Monaco because it has Excellent design language, I know it's a bit ugly, but it combines linear rectangular shape with round or curved shape to a very subtle degree, you will see in the crystal in that box you see you in the case of flare What you see is that the more time you know the slight rounding of the recessed silver is registered on the dial, the more time you spend on the knock off watch, and you will notice these nuances. As a person who is passionate about great design, I am very grateful that I went to architecture school, and I consider myself a creative person, so I really like that aspect of knock off Monaco, I think it does a great job Well, in general, I don't want to wander here for too long. I think each of these watches replica is very good in its own way. The two are very different, but at the same time similar, and depend on how you are as a fake watch collector. Value, you will tend to prefer each other, or you may be as crazy as I am and really like both and desire to have both at once. They are iconic, and I do believe that they can coexist in a set, so Let me know if you think it is my point of view, or I have deviated, whether I missed some key issues, please let me know in the comments. If you are interested in these replica watches, please go to perfect watches to buy them.


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