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Hi, welcome to visit today's monochromatic replica watch review, we will take a look at the replica Tag Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 label launched in 1969. Monaco replica is still one of the most iconic chronographs on the market, and its breakthrough design breaks tradition The round racing chronograph stands out, its angular square case is equipped with a pair of buttons at two and four o'clock, and the crown is attributed to the cool King Steve McQueen's wrist at nine o'clock. Relief-like relief.

In the 1971 film after fake Monaco's 50th anniversary celebration in 1962, Heuer introduced this new version powered by the in-house TAG Heuer O2 movement, an important upgrade to the model, and a quick glance will not give you It suggests whether you re-examine the old model or the new model. The change from the caliber 12 movement based on eta to the new internal hoya o2 means that almost the entire fake watch has been updated because the hoya o2 has different sizes and different cases and Watch replica case. The dial must also be updated, but only a slight modification is necessary to not worry about the look and feel of replica Monaco. The new label replica Tag Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 retains all the elements that made Monaco successful, even if the new version of the shell adopts a cult square design Even if the internal engine is bigger.

Tag Heuer Monaco Quartz Men White/Black Dial With Black Pelle strap

It still measures 39 mm by 39 mm, the bezel is still frosted in the vertical direction, the top of the lugs is still polished, and the sides are satin brushed. We still find that the well-executed but very exposed chamfered sapphire crystal can replace the caliber 12 model. Both the push rod and the crown are located at 3 o'clock. The water resistance of the fake watch is still 100 meters, so in fact it has not changed much. In addition to the small increase in thickness, the case also changes with the larger opening on the movement, and finally develops , A good performance can be seen on the crown. It now has an integrated movement instead of the modular eta duba debras movement. The crown and buttons are on the same level. The daylight brushed blue dial still has a faceted index. The circular second track contrasts the small dial, which is different from the previous one. 

The main evolution is that replica Monaco Heuer 02 has retained all the elements that made the best Monaco replica watches successful over the years. Even though the new version of the shell uses a cult square, 02 has adopted a three-compact layout. Monaco replica has become a small second hand and A double compact chronograph with a 30-minute counter. These two small dials also display the elapsed minutes and hours. In addition, there is a small second hand that has been carefully implemented at six o'clock. The clock with crosshairs overlaps the date window. This It is a good technique to balance the rotation of the knock off watch. The position of the replica watch on the Heuer 02 can be seen through the case back. It is decorated with Geneva striped black and red rotor column wheels. This is a modern and interesting integrated chronograph. Equipped with a column wheel and a vertical clutch, it can tick on a 4 Hz scale, providing a comfortable power reserve of 80 hours, the chronograph starts very sharply, and the pusher operates very smoothly. It is a modern and slightly classic version of fake Monaco. Not a vintage style fake watch.

Is This The Most Important Tag Heuer Monaco?

Since its introduction in 1969, TAG Heuer Monaco replica has celebrated its 50th anniversary, when it became one of the first automatic chronographs in history. TAGHeuer released several limited editions of fake Monaco this year to commemorate this moment, but the most interesting aspect of their recent release of fake Monaco is because it is not a limited edition, and secondly because it is the first replica Monaco with its internal movement, this is the hall of the new TAG Heuer Monaco replica movement-if we look back half a century, Tag Heuer will cooperate with other replica watches manufacturers consortium to develop its automatic chronograph movement. After the first release of Calibre 11, Tag Heuer never produced its own independent in-house movement, partly because it pushed replica Monaco into a completely different price range, and partly because it designed and manufactured chronographs from scratch The movement is actually a very difficult thing. If you look at most chronographs made in the past 50 years, we will notice that most people use the same or variations of the same movement usually produced by Value or ETA, So for Tag Heuer, who designs and produces its own internal movement, this is very important and shows their commitment to the Monaco family in the future.

The fake Monaco Heuer 02 movement has the same dimensions as the replica Monaco model. It measures 39 x 39 mm. It is made of stainless steel. The sun-brushed blue dial is a royal blue. Heuer describes it as petroleum blue, although I think it is better when you listen. When it comes to oil blue, the first thing you see is blue. The two contrasting sub-dials are white and faithful to the historical original dial. A beautiful detail is the sapphire crystal that covers the dial. It is located on the top of the case and bends so slightly. This is a small touch that will win the most, but it's the front part of the fake TAG Heuer when you turn the replica watch over. Added great visual depth. You will find one of the best situations in replica Monaco with the Geneva stripes visible on the other side of the black tourbillon. The replica TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre Heuer 02 mark perfectly matches the vivid red wiill to greet one of the most exquisite fake Monaco case facts ever. On the other side of the black runner, you can see the Geneva stripes, and its text and vivid red Will Monaco replica machine The core Heuer 02 is perfectly matched, and the production quantity is not limited, and it is currently on sale in boutiques, thank you for watching, don't forget to like us, the subscription time and trend welcome one of the most exquisite Monaco case facts ever, in black The Geneva stripes can be seen on the other side of the wheel, and its text perfectly matches the vivid red Will Monaco movement Heuer 02, and the production quantity is unlimited.


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